Saturday, 6 April 2013

Lottie's Line In The Sand

England captain Lottie Edwards, speaking to the Daily Mail, has drawn a clear line in the sand - slapping down the ambitions of certain members of her squad to play men's cricket.

Arguing that men's and women's cricket are "slightly different games" she tells her girls that she wants them "training for women's cricket." (My emphasis.)

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the interview is that Lottie makes no attempt to hide the fact that her comments are clearly aimed at one person in particular: Sarah Taylor.

Of course, as I have said before, this is probably all academic for the time being. Sarah Taylor isn't going to play First Class cricket this year, any more than I am! (Unless it is as some kind of one-off promotional gimmick, or Sussex suffer a ridiculous number of injuries.)

But nonetheless, it is good to hear someone sticking-up for the women's game. I want to see the top women playing women's cricket; not acting as token extras in the men's game. Lottie clearly does too.

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