Monday, 24 February 2014

Summer 2014 - England v India & South Africa, Including... A TEST v India!

The ECB have (finally!) made an official announcement about 2014 fixtures against India and South Africa - including a TEST against India - the first non-England/Australia Test in women's cricket for almost 10 years.

England v India

13-16 August - Test @ Wormsley
21 August - ODI @ Scarborough
23 August - ODI @ Scarborough
25 August - ODI @ Lords

England v South Africa

1 September - T20 @ Chelmsford
3 September - T20 @ Northampton
7 September - T20 @ Edgbaston (DH)


  1. If last summer is a guide this may not be complete yet. Wouldn't be surprised if early season matches against the likes of Bolivia appear !
    India could be pretty lethal at Test cricket - amazed they don't play more of it (finance probably is buried in the reason somewhere).
    Northants need to ring up Chelmsford to understand how to market their T20 match.
    is it Fair having 2 matches in Scarboro ?!?

    1. "is it Fair having 2 matches in Scarboro"

      Very good ;-)

      (Actually... I'm quite happy with two matches at Scarborough - have friends locally, so hopefully no hotel bills, and thinking of taking D to Yorvick (sp???) Viking Center on the "off" day!)


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