Monday, 26 May 2014

Thank You!

With the cricket squelched off* in Berkshire yesterday, I retired to The Walter Arms in the honoured company of the Twitterati of women's cricket, among them: @RafNicholson, @wmnscricketblog, @DonMiles13 and @uk_crunch.

We enjoyed a couple of hours shooting the cheese (sic!) about the women's game, so if you are a player or administrator and your ears were burning between about 12 and 2 pm... sorry about that!

But rest assured, there was one conclusion we all agreed on: we love women's cricket!

We love the players who thrill us on the field; and we are eternally grateful to the coaches, scorers and administrators who make it all possible with their (in many cases unpaid) work behind the scenes.

So... from us to you, we have just one thing to say; and it's so important, I'm going to say it on behalf of us all, in really big letters:


* It was actually a beautiful day, but rain earlier in the week had left the bowlers' run-ups in a dangerous state of 'squelchiness'!

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