Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Super 3s 3rd OD In Brief, Plus What Have We Learned?

In a match reduced to 20-overs by torrential rain, Charlotte Edwards' Rubies beat Heather Knight's Sapphires by 8 wickets.

With the Sapphires put into bat, Knight made a run-a-ball 42, but everyone else found runs hard to come by as the Sapphires totalled-out at just 88 from their 20 overs.

The Rubies then knocked them off in less than 12 overs, with Lottie hitting 50 off 39 and... stop me if you've heard this before... everyone else finding runs hard to come by.

So what have we learned from this years Super 3s?

Well... Lyd and Lottie can bat - they topped the averages to the surprise of absolutely nobody! Danni Wyatt didn't have too bad a time with the blade either - averaging 40-odd. (I haven't seen Wag play this year, but I've heard good things from more than one person who has, which is great news for England fans!)

The bowling numbers are a bit more interesting, with Rebecca Grundy leading the way with 10 wickets, ahead of Alex Hartley and Steph Butler, both with 8. But whether any of them will get much of a look-in over the more established names when the England teams to play India and South Africa are announced remains to be seen. (My guess is not!)

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  1. "Well... Lyd and Lottie can bat - they topped the averages to the surprise of absolutely nobody" - except me perhaps. Yes Lottie no surprise at all (she is in a class of her own) but Lyd, well, I think she needed to get some runs. Her last 31 innings for England (since start of 2013) have been 2, 29, 2, 49, 25*, 22, 31, 38*, 4, 1, 46, 18, 80*, 35*, 9, 0, 1, 36, 0, 20, 4, 69*, 4, 25, 15, 0, 14, 26, 3, 8*, 2 .... so that's 13 outs for less than 10 and only two 50+ scores so I WAS surprised she was topping the S3 averages.

    Did we learn anything - well not too much.

    Were there players with reasons to be cheerful (other than those already capped) well perhaps Hennessey, Butler, Hartley, Adams and Scholfield. Will we see any in the England team this year, well perhaps not - although after the batting display in the T20WC one would think they would be openings in T20 team at least.

    Knight being one of the captains strongly points to who they think may succeed Lottie.


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