Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Kia Deal a Huge Baby-Step

Let's not kid ourselves - the Kia deal announced by England women yesterday is a baby-step - it is worth a small six-figure sum, much of which is "in kind" via the loan of 20-odd (admittedly gorgeous) cars. The players are understandably chuffed about their new rides, but I hope they don't become white elephants, particularly for the Tier 3 players who will still be shopping in Aldi tomorrow, even if they'll be driving there in a car you'd more expect to see parked outside Waitrose!

So this is a baby step... but as baby steps go, it is also HUGE!

It proves that there are companies out there who are prepared to sponsor women's sport. It shows that women's cricket is a viable commercial proposition. It hints at a new future for our sport - one where we sign our own deals and build our own partnerships. Women's cricket needs to embrace the possibilities - today our own sponsor; tomorrow our own TV deal; one day... maybe sooner than you think... our own independent sport.

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