Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hol-Col on WWC13

England spinner Holly Colvin has been blogging about her world cup.

In a delightfully "off-message" and personal post, completely devoid of the usual cricketing-claptrap about executing her plans and/or hitting the right areas, she admits to feeling "sick" with nerves while waiting to bat; but it is her slo-mo description of that momentous final ball against Australia which I want to highlight:
We now needed three runs to win and Erin Osbourne, the Aussie offspinner, dragged one slightly short outside the off stump. The offside field is up, I’ve tried to cut the ball and instead of taking all the glory I nicked it to the ‘keeper. I was absolutely heart-broken especially as we had got so close to winning.
Hol-Col is frequently touted... by me at least... as a future England captain; which will mean an inevitable dose of "media awareness training". I just hope (probably in vain) it doesn't knock this kind of honesty too much on the head, because it was lovely to read.

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