Sunday, 24 February 2013

Throwing The Dice (U19 ARCH Trophy)

Some of England's brightest young prospects have been playing cricket in the UAE this week, competing for the U19 ARCH Trophy, faithfully blogged by Martin Davies at

In his final post, Martin comments that the tournament was won "unsurprisingly" by the MCC; and I just wanted to elaborate a little on why this was indeed "unsurprising".

The final was played between Sussex (pretty-much top dogs in women's domestic cricket at the moment) and an MCC side that contained both Izzy Collis and Abigail Freeborn - two highly rated young players who hail from... er... Sussex!

So in essence the tournament was a loaded dice, with the MCC "YCs" (Young Cricketers) having creamed-off the best players from all the other teams. (More info on the composition of the MCC side here.)

I don't want to knock the ARCH as an exercise - the players gained invaluable experience; and it certainly looked on Twitter like they were having the time of their lives out in sunny UAE.

But as a "competition" the main thing we learned is that if you throw a loaded dice... it does tend to land on '6' more often than not!

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