Sunday, 31 March 2013

Mithali & BBL Tokenism

There have been a couple of big stories in women's cricket this week.

Firstly, India's Worlds Cup captain Mithali Raj has been unexpectedly fired left out of their squad to face Bangladesh.

Of course, India did not emerge from the World Cup with too much credit. But nevertheless, one can't help feeling that Mithali is being punished as much for her outspoken attitude as her performance on the field, either as a captain or a batsman; and England captain Lottie Edwards, who has also had her "candid" moments, for example at the T20 World Cup in Sri Lanka last year, must for one be thinking 'There but for the grace of God...'

This week's second big news was Steve Waugh's suggestion that each BBL team include one woman.

I think Waugh's heart is probably in the right place here, but this is nevertheless tokenism of the worst kind; and I really hope it doesn't happen. Women's cricket is just getting toward the stage where it can stand on its own two feet - the last thing it needs now is its best players getting nabbed by the men's game.

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