Friday, 15 March 2013

Sarah Taylor: Another 10 Years But "Not Keeping"?

I don't want to revisit the whole 'Sarah Taylor playing men's cricket' hype again right now (though I do have more to say on it... coming soon!) but one other interesting titbit emerged from her interview with Aggers on TMS today.

Asked about her ambitions for the future, she said she hoped to play for another 10 years, but she clearly and unambiguously qualified this by adding "not keeping", suggesting that her body wouldn't take it.

Sarah has always said that she loved keeping, because it kept her at the heart of the game; so for her to be already talking (at 23) about retiring from that role seems strange; but it is clearly something that is very-much on her mind.

Perhaps it is related to the issue of the England captaincy, and the old cricketing adage that keepers can't be captain?

(I'm on record as saying that SJT should not be the next England captain; but I'm guessing that isn't a sentiment she would agree with!)

The one person this might be good news for though is Amy Jones - Taylor's current understudy with the mittens; who could be forgiven for having the teeniest, tiniest spring in her step this morning!

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