Sunday, 12 May 2013

Sri Lankans Paid Peanuts

When I looked recently at the remunerations paid to England's leading women cricketers by Chance To Shine, the organization which employes them as cricketers/ ambassadors/ coaches, I commented that the salaries, whilst not huge, were "not peanuts".

Interestingly enough, "peanuts" is exactly what the Sri Lanka cricket board are accused of paying their leading women by the Sunday Island:
Sri Lanka Cricket has awarded country’s women cricketers’ annual contracts, but their remuneration is peanuts compared to their millionaire male counterparts.
Here are the details:

The leading (Category A) women are to be paid R50,000 (R = Sri Lanka Rupees) per month - that's about £250. Of course, Sri Lanka is a third world country, so a direct comparison with UK wages is clearly unfair; but nevertheless, R50,000 is still some way short of the average monthly salary in Sri Lanka of about R60,000; and that's the leading women don't forget - the more junior members of the team are on less than half that!

So... peanuts? Yes - I think in this case the Sunday Island might have a point!

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