Saturday, 25 May 2013

Why WOMEN'S Cricket?

Since I started writing this blog, I've been asked a few times: why women's cricket? As opposed to men's cricket... or just cricket in general?

In order to understand the answer, you have to realize that this isn't really a women's cricket blog - if you want one of them, Martin Davies or Don Miles are very thorough - this blog is much more narrowly focused on English Women's cricket and specifically on the England team.

I've always been a very partisan sports fan: I'll watch football when Arsenal are on, but otherwise I'll largely ignore it; and I don't watch the IPL, because I don't even have 'a team'.

In cricket, England were always my team: a symptom of long summer holidays home from boarding school, with nothing much to do but turn on The Test. (Often, all too infuriatingly, interrupted at a crucial moment by horse racing!)

So the answer to why women's cricket?

It is very simple: I fell in love with the team!

And no - not that sort of in love! (I don't "do" fan-crushes.)

To be honest, it is more of an addiction: I started following the team in the media and (infrequently) on TV... then going to the odd game... and before I knew it, I was obsessively poring over the (increasingly fantastic) coverage on Cricinfo.

So now, here I am:

My name is Syd, and I'm addicted to eleven women in blue* :)

* And sometimes white!

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