Sunday, 12 January 2014

Womens Ashes Test Day 3

Random thoughts on the #WomensAshes:
  • Did someone tell Elyse Villani it was a T20 game? She had a let-off in the very first over as she tried to get 'em in boundaries, but she carried on and then paid the price. I guess that's just the way she plays?
  • Although she went on the last Ashes tour down-under, Katie Cross didn't get a game on that trip, and was later told by England Academy that she needed to buck her ideas up if she was ever going to make it in cricket. Ideas were bucked, and less than two years later I think we can hereby consider 'it' officially made!
  • That England recovered from 10/3 to set Australia a respectable target was quite an achievement, but I'd still have backed Australia, especially at 28/0 after six overs. It's England's to lose now though.
  • Don't tell him I said this... we don't want it going to his head... but Charles Dagnall is becoming a World Class cricket commentator, capital letters included! It isn't just that he's done his homework on women's cricket (though he has) but that he finds those linguistic nuances in the different adjectives which really reflect the subtleties of the game. I suspect we'll soon be losing him to the big city of "proper" cricket and I for one will be sorry to see him go.

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  1. Yesterday I commented "Both teams have suffered from top order failures – advantage Australia who so far have only done it once". Make that 2-2. Probability of the Player of the Match being a top 5 batsmen is about zero (okay Perry has already won it - fantastic performance).
    This is anyone's match, predictions go out the window, anything might happen. None of the 17 players left to influence the outcome will have experienced anything like tomorrow before. Who's going to step up ?


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