Monday, 13 January 2014

Womens Ashes Test Day 4

Random thoughts on the #WomensAshes -
  • Which idiot said Australia would win this game? 
  • Although Katherine Brunt remains the nominal leader of England's attack, and took the first over as usual today, for most of the past year it has been Anya Shrubsole who has looked the more dangerous. We saw that again today. Brunt opened, but it wasn't until Shrubsole came on that things... magic things... started to happen.
  • Ellyse Perry was deservedly MVP, but she looked absolutely knackered when she came on to the field at the end. The commentators kept asking why she hadn't bowled "earlier" / "sooner" / "before X", but she bowled more overs than anyone else on either side in this game, and was clearly suffering. 
  • England by contrast shared things round a bit more, and not being over-reliant on one player has got to be an advantage going forwards into the rest of this series, with less than a week until the ODIs.
  • At 3:56 this morning, former England player Beth Morgan tweeted Isa Guha: "Memories of Bowral Ish?" She was referring to England's last Test victory down-under back in 2008. Of course Beth and Isa both remember Bowral - they were on the field that day - but most of* the rest of us don't because those were the days when all the coverage you got was a next-day report hidden in a dark corner of Cricinfo. How brilliant is it that this time we will all remember, thanks to the wonderful live video provided by Cricket Australia? Hopefully they've set a precedent which the ECB can follow next summer... if SKY (who own exclusive rights to all cricket played in England, but seldom exercise those rights for women's cricket) will let them.
* Edit - see comments!


  1. In answer to your first question ..... me.

    Web coverage is an absolute minimum requirement now going forward. Well done Cricket Australia for doing it.

  2. Okay - I've updated it ;-)

    I hope we get more web coverage... but I can see the hard-headed lawyers at Sky saying no, because what's to stop the (m's) counties then claiming a similar right? (Although a precedent has of course already been set, at the Lords ODI last year.)


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