Saturday, 19 April 2014

Lanning Not Mentioning WICL

In a relentlessly on-message interview with The Guardian, Meg Lanning talks about the future of women's cricket, saying:

"I think the next natural step is definitely a women’s Big Bash."

Yet as far as I know, there are no actual plans for a women's BBL. There are aspirations I'm sure, possibly even sincere aspirations, but that's not quite the same thing as actual plans!

Of course, there are actual plans for something - the Women's International Cricket League - but Lanning has clearly been told by her media-minders at Cricket Australia not to mention the war WICL.

A more cynical man than me might think that it's almost as if Cricket Australia see the WICL as a threat, which they are now trying to quietly smother in its cradle, before it starts walking around and causing trouble, by offering the players a genuine alternative to their current indentures!

(It's a good job I'm not that cynical!)

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  1. What worries me is the emphasis on T20. It takes 50 over and longer cricket to learn your craft. Look at the most successful men in the recent WT20 e.g. Jayawardene. He didn't learn his trade in the short form but having mastered the longer is now a top player in all forms.

    I know I'm biased but In UK we need to concentrate more on County Cricket (the feeder for the England team) and in turn on club cricket (the feeder for the Counties).

    Pyramids are not built on weak foundations.


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