Monday, 4 August 2014

England Squad - Thoughts On Odedra, Knight & Wyatt

Nice Surprise Of The Day

Notts' Sonia Odedra is what I believe the men call a 'Journeyman Pro' - good enough to have had a long and successful career at the top of the domestic game, but never quite getting her opportunity at international level. But that could all change at Wormsley. With fitness doubts persisting around at least two other bowlers, this could be Odedra's big chance; and no one deserves it more.

Least Surprising Surprise Of The Day

Heather Knight has superseded Jenny Gunn as vice-captain, and (barring "events") will succeed to the helm when Charlotte Edwards retires in 2017.

Genuine Disappointment Of The Day

I know everyone... including the player herself... thinks I've got it in for Danni Wyatt; but I honestly haven't and I'm genuinely shocked and disappointed for her that she hasn't been included in at least the T20 squad, despite having had a storming domestic season with the bat, including a starring role in yesterday's T20 finals victory for Notts!

You have to ask, is TB really going to score more runs more quickly than Wag in the shortest format? Yes, TB has some strong numbers this year, but she has accumulated her runs - starting slowly (sometimes very slowly e.g. v Middlesex) and building big(ish). All the evidence suggests TB is not the player we need coming in at 5 in a T20; and it does leave you wondering how much county cricket the selectors have actually watched recently?

(Having said this, TB is absolutely (and correctly) nailed-on to play in the Test though.)

My Test Team

Edwards, Knight, Taylor, Greenway, Beaumont, Sciver, Gunn, Odedra, Hazell, Cross, Shrubsole

So... yes, I think Odedra will play! (But Martin Davies thinks not!)


  1. I think your heart may be overruling your head. Have to have 2 spinners at Wormsley and there is seamer cover in Gunn and Sciver (as Raf will tell you!).

  2. Syd, you can console yourself that to whatever degree you might or might not 'have it in' for Danni Wyatt, the selectors clearly have it in for her a hell of a lot more. Her omission from all squads is almost as ridiculous as the inclusion, in any of the squads, of a certain player whose international career stats are some of worst I've ever seen. I'm not naming anyone because, unlike Martin, I'm not a lawyer (!) but record books don't lie. It's there in black and white.

  3. I tried to post this comment earlier, but it has not materialised, so...

    Wyatt absolutely stormed it with the bat yesterday against Middlesex. No doubt the decision had already been made by then - but it serves to underline the stupidity of not selecting her. She is worth it for her batting alone, surely. Surely.

    Also...I agree with the above comment!

    One more thing...I love that you have announced Charlotte Edwards' retirement date. Has she personally informed you of the details? ;-)

  4. "You have to ask, is TB really going to score more runs more quickly than Wag in the shortest format?"

    I can't answer this question but I can provide some facts as to what has happened thus far in T20s.

    Beaumont has an average of 8.31 and a scoring rate of 66.17 runs per 100 balls.

    Wyatt has an average of 13.62 and a scoring rate of 102.33 runs per 100 balls.

    Beaumont's career T20 scoring rate has never been greater than 72.99

    Wyatt's career T20 scoring rate has been over 100 after each of her last 39 innings.

    Beaumont's last 16 T20 innings have yielded :-

    17*, 1, 15, 0, 3, 6, 2, 29*, 3, 11, 10, 13, 2, 0, 2, 6

    which is a total of 120 runs (at well less than a run a ball)

    Wyatt played in 28 consecutive T20s before being dropped for the T20 World Cup. Her last 16 T20 innings have yielded:-

    20, 2, 33*, 9, 6, 13, 28, 0, 6*, 3, 37, 13, 12, 6, 0, 6

    which is a total of 194 (at over a run a ball)

    There are lies, damn lies and statistics ...... but the above does seem to present compelling evidence that the answer to your question should be 'No'.

    Something else that is quite interesting from these facts and figures is that Wyatt's sequence of 6, 0, 6 against Australia got her dropped for the World Cup whilst Beaumont's sequence of 2, 0, 2, 6 in that World Cup hasn't got her dropped for the SA T20 series.

    Of the 33 players that have an England T20 career scoring rate there are only 3 with an SR less than that of Beaumont:-

    Jane Smit with 33.33 (only batted twice)
    Lindsey Askew with 33.33 (only batted twice)
    Lauren Griffiths with 62.5 (only batted twice)

    Someone else who also only batted twice is Clare Connor - but has walked off with a T20 career SR of 187.5 (easily the highest !).


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