Sunday, 10 August 2014

Grundy Injury Opens Doors For Odedra & Wyatt

An injury to Beccy Grundy has given Paul Shaw the opportunity he needed to frantically back-pedal over the ridiculous omission of Danni Wyatt from England's T20 squad.

Grundy has suffered a "femoral stress reaction"! No - I've no idea either! But it means she's out for the rest of the summer; opening up a gap in all 3 squads - Test, ODI and T20.

Steph Buttler comes into the Test squad, but unless Hazell gets hit by at least 3 buses, I can't see Butler playing; which means Odedra is now a dead-cert! (Yay!) (Although it would mean, disappointingly, that she would no longer be my official "favourite player never to have played for England"!)

Odedra will also stay in the camp for the ODIs, with Wyatt then coming back into the squad for the T20s - which is exactly where she should have been all along, having scored pots and pots of runs in this years county championships, bowling or no bowling!

As Raf Nicholson put it on Twitter: "Sense prevails!!"



  1. Interesting question (sparked by above comment on favourite player never to have played for England) ..... which player has played most matches for the Academy and never been capped by England (ignoring Odedra - I suspect Odedra is the answer today but might not be by Wed) ?

  2. I have just spent half an hour doing calculations (this is why the PhD will never be finished).

    If I'm right, the current list of most-capped Academy players who have never played for England (ignoring Odedra) is as follows:

    Alice Macleod (21 caps)
    Helen Shipman (18 caps)
    Natasha Miles and Jenny Dunn (14 caps each)

    Sonia Odedra, as suspected, is the current leader with 25 caps, but that is all *hopefully* about to change!

    And a final point: Kate Cross had 31 Academy caps before she made her England debut last October. Talk about patience!

  3. Good, that's one job I can now set aside - thanks. I would have guessed at Miles or Shipman. Macleod went under the radar because she is only 20 (and whose only representative involvement in the last 2 years seems to have been one Super 3 50 over match this summer - so presumably has been injured for some time ?).


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