Tuesday, 20 January 2015

New CRICKETher Podcast - England Squad For New Zealand

Raf Nicholson & Syd Egan look forward to England's tour to New Zealand in the new CRICKETher podcast.


  1. Tackled Beaumont dropping full on – well done for not ducking the facts (and credit to Lottie if she really did come out and the state the ‘b’ obvious about the lack of runs).

    ‘Grundy played in what, one match in the T20 world cup’ - tut tut Grundy played in all the World T20 matches and along with Shrubsole was the only bowler to bowl all her allocation in every match. Once Grundy was fit her selection was a no-brainer.

    Interesting debate about T20 openers. No mention of Winfield as opener – a player who scored 74 as a T20 opener in the most recent England T20 match. Surely England have to play her as opener again after that score. You rightly brought up Knight’s position. Now I wasn’t a fan of Knight as a T20 batsmen let alone opener but she had a stellar season with The Roar and I think she warrants another bash as a T20 opener – and Lottie isn’t the fastest T20 opener around (granted she is our best batsman).

    In the 21st century it is criminal that there is no comprehensive cover of the NZ series. You can skype people in NZ but, hey, streaming coverage on the web is far too difficult for the cricketing authorities. Unbelievable but then we’ve had years of gender discrimination in sport so I guess we are used to the women’s game being treated as 2nd class. Perhaps MD can rig up a webcam and stream some footage through his laptop (whilst providing Twitter updates every 2 minutes).

    Finally, anyone been reading Holly Colvin’s tweets recently ? Having net sessions in deepest winter seems a bit interesting for someone who is retired.


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