Monday, 5 January 2015

Softball? No Thanks!

Over at The Telegraph, Scyld Berry thinks we should be making some changes to women's cricket:

[The ECB should] devise a semi-hard ball for girls and women so they can participate in mass numbers and ensure the sport’s future in Britain... Cricket in Britain needs females to play in mass numbers if the sport is not going to become a middle-class niche, as it seems otherwise destined to be.

I'm all for tweaking the game to make it more appealing for players and spectators, but this is going to far! A semi-hard ball? Relay throws? Basically... he wants to turn women's cricket into softball!

The implication here is that women and girls are put off playing because of the hard ball; but here's the thing: recent tragedy aside, cricket is one of the safest things you can do!

If you want danger, ride a horse...

... or play netball! (Yes, really!)

... or cross a road!

... or cross me by suggesting stupid changes to our game... because then I'll show you exactly where you can stick your semi-hard ball!!

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