Thursday, 26 March 2015

Home Advantage Critical in Women's International Championship Cricket?

With 2 rounds now completed in the ICC Women's International Championship, one particular pattern stands out - home advantage appears to be a significant factor in women's international cricket.

We've seen this with the West Indies - winning 3/0 at home; then losing 3/0 away - and New Zealand too - losing 3/0 away; then winning 2/1 at home.

But the anecdotal evidence is also supported by the stats.

Overall, the home side has won over 70% of the 27 ODIs played, while the away side has won just 22%, with a couple of "No Results" making up the numbers.

England will be hoping the model persists this August against the Southern Stars; but if there's one stat that stands out above even home-field advantage, it's this one:

Australia: Played 6; Won 6; Lost 0!

It is going to be an interesting summer!

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  1. Aren't South Africa the exception to this though? They're still doing pretty well in ODI championship away from home. They haven't played many of the "big" teams yet though.


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