Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Westbury Set For Headline Headband Deal

Middlesex captain Izzy Westbury looks set to sign an exclusive merchandising deal with leading Welsh kit retailer Brecon and Llandudno Ladies' Sportswear [B.a.L.L.S.] to promote their signature range of sports headbands for women.

Bryn Griffiths, Marketing Director at B.a.L.L.S., told us:

"We are very excited about our new line of B.a.L.L.S. headbands; and as an enthusiastic wearer of headbands herself, Izzy would be a perfect fit for B.a.L.L.S."

He went on to say:

"B.a.L.L.S. come in a variety of team colours, including Middlesex Pink; and we think it would be fantastic to see a player like Izzy wearing pink B.a.L.L.S. on her head!"

Asked if he'd actually spoke to Westbury, Griffiths became cadgy:

"Technically... no... but we'd like to! Actually... do you have her mobile number? We tried to DM her on Twitter, but unfortunately she doesn't follow B.a.L.L.S.."

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