Friday, 10 April 2015

Downton Replacement REALLY Matters To Women's Cricket

With the sacking of Paul Downton, there's been a lot of talk in the papers about what this means for English cricket... or rather, for English MEN'S cricket. But what about (ahem...) PROPER cricket?

Women's cricket remains a low priority for the mainstream media; some way behind men's international cricket, which is probably fair given levels of interest and attendance; but also behind men's domestic cricket, which is arguably a much closer-run thing - women's international crowds in England have recently been significantly larger than the average men's county gate.

But Downton's replacement really matters for women's cricket. Whoever it is, we KNOW they will be passionate about men's Test cricket; and we KNOW they will likely be deeply invested in men's domestic cricket, given that all the mooted candidates are ex (men's) pros. 

But will they really care about the women's game? 

When it comes to the difficult financial calls, will they push for additional budgets to be directed at England women... or to the equally-struggling men's counties? 

When they appoint committees, will women's cricket be fairly and equally represented? 

These are the questions that need asking from the perspective of the women's game; but will they be? 

I'm not holding my breath!

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