Monday, 3 June 2013

Paul Shaw Very-Much NOT Appointed England Head Coach

So at least we now know why England hadn't appointed a Head Coach going into the 'Super Threes' weekend - there isn't going to be one!

According to a press-release from the ECB, Paul Shaw (formerly the Women's Academy Head Coach) has been appointed to something... but that something isn't Head Coach - it's "Head of England Women's Performance"; and as far as I can see, it involves doing his old job plus Mark Lane's old job.

I have to say that I find this really bizarre.

First, by (in effect) replacing two jobs with one, it appears that we no longer have anyone with sole, dedicated responsibility for the national team - instead, we have one man, wearing two very different hats - and outside of the circus, that's neither cool nor funny!

Second, the job as a whole sounds very-much like the 'Director of (Women's) Cricket' role that was mooted in the press a couple of weeks ago. Except that it's not called 'Director of Cricket', it's called 'Head of Performance' - a manifestly lesser title. Why? Politics? Money? Pettiness*? Color me confused!

But to conclude on a brighter note, hopefully this now brings the interregnum to a close.

Whatever his title, Paul Shaw has a big job ahead of him; and as an England fan I can only wish him luck and success.

* I wouldn't put it past them!


  1. The Guardian seems to have a different view -

  2. And yet the article quotes CC as saying: "The rationale for the England women's head coach role evolving into a 'head of England women's performance' is to reflect the scope and expansion of the England women's programme."

    The press release does say that "an additional Assistant Coach is currently being recruited" but that is hardly going to be the 'high profile headline-grabber' mentioned by the Guardian... is it???

    (I think I'm now even MORE confused!)

  3. Not sure of the Gruniad source but they seem fairly certain? They seem to have someone in the know at the ECB?

  4. Syd, I see what you mean. But you overlook the fact that in the press release it states that a new assistant coach is being appointed. It sounds like the new "assistant" will actually be doing much of what Mark Lane was doing before, and that Shaw's role will be to ensure that the whole of the women's game in the country is working well and in cohesion, but with a bit of hands on coaching work as well.

    I'm not sure the press release was entirely clear but that's how it sounds like it will work to me.

    The press release also states that there will be more investment in the women's squad overall. More details would be good, but it sounds positive.