Saturday, 1 June 2013

Where's The Coach?

The England squad begin their 'Super Fours' boot-camp at Loughborough today (Saturday 1st June); and unless I missed the press release* they go into this training exercise** without a Head Coach.

Or rather, without a named Head Coach - it is quite possible that The Powers That Be know what's what, even if they haven't told us. (Or the players!)

There were rumors last week that the ECB were set to unveil a new setup, with a Director of Cricket and a Head Coach, but (again, unless I missed the press release) no such announcement has been made!

The rumors were well-sourced; but I am starting to wonder if they were really just one side of an on-going "discussion" within the ECB.

Does any of this really matter? Yes! This isn't the village scratch XI - it's England! If we want a professional women's cricket team, we have to start acting like one; but here we are, going into an Ashes Summer, looking more and more like a shambles.

* ...and I'm pretty sure I didn't!
** ... and the fact that one of the 'four' is a men's schoolboy team gives the lie to it being anything other than a training exercise.

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