Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Tri-Series T20 v New Zealand

Random thoughts on the T20 v New Zealand:
  • In cricket, we often refer to the bowlers as "the attack"; but England were forced to play a different game here. This was DEFENSIVE cricket at its most aggressive: bowling to the plan and hounding every ball in the field, creating the scoreboard pressure which drew a flurry of wickets at the end, including a hat-trick for Nat Sciver that she will be deservedly dining-out on 'till she's 90!
  • With Charlotte Edwards injured, England had to turn to the spare batsman they'd picked for this tour, who was... er... oh...! If only someone had warned them this might happen!
  • It's a little thing, but in one of the earlier matches Tash Farrant lingered on an LBW appeal so long that a half-chance of a run-out went begging. Someone noticed, and this time when a very similar situation occurred, she was back on the stumps before you can say 'Howzat?' That's good coaching and good cricket from England!
  • England now have a dead-rubber match before the final, but I'll be surprised if either Cross or Langston play - England are too wedded to their 'winning is a habit' mantra.

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