Friday, 25 October 2013

Tri-Series T20 v West Indies

Confession time: I slept this one out. (Like Lottie, I was resting myself - hoping to be fit for the final!) It was obviously an exciting match; but sometimes the scorecard tells it's own story, quite apart from the one on the pitch:
  • Dottin is the most dangerous player in world cricket. Not the best, necessarily, but the most dangerous, with the capacity to completely change the game in a moment. She has been doing it for some time too: D and I saw her destroy England in a T20 at Arundel Castle a couple of summers ago (it's the background pic for this blog) and she did it again last night... twice!
  • England chose to play both Langston and Cross... which is fine - Paul Shaw said before the tour that he wanted to have a look at them, and you can't do that if they're sat back at the hotel. But you've got to ask questions about dropping Amy Jones, leaving a side consisting of just four recognized batsmen! 
  • And then you get to the Super Over - it's the big one, so who do you send in? Two bowling all-rounders? Where were Taylor, Winfield and Beaumont? And if you didn't trust them, or they were injured... why didn't you bring another batsman on tour? And if there isn't another batsman? Then I'm afraid you need to take a long hard look at the man who has been running women's cricket at the National Performance Centre for the past few years. Now... who was that again?
  • Of course... all will be redeemed if we win the final - we're fans, and that's what we do! But I can't help feeling that it would only be papering over some serious cracks.

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