Thursday, 10 October 2013

UPDATE: Actually... Most of the England Team ARE Now Contracted

In response to my previous post - Again... There Are NO England Players On Central Contracts - I was Tweeted by The Boss herself:

So... I stand corrected: 18 of the 21 members of the Performance (i.e. Full England) Squad are now contracted.

Exactly what the terms of these contracts are, we are yet to find out (I am told there will be a press release soon) but I'm guessing Danni Wyatt won't be going out to buy that Porsche just yet!

Nevertheless, credit where credit is due: we are getting there.

And while we are on the subject, I want to say something about The Boss:

Clare Connor gets some stick from people like me; but I also know for a fact that she is working very hard behind the scenes to improve the lot of our England players. She might not be going as far or as fast as I would like, but she has to deal with reality and politics and all that stuff; while bloggers like me just sit on the sidelines and criticize the one person who has achieved more for women's cricket in England than anyone else ever.

What we have now isn't perfect - Clare Connor doesn't need me to tell her that! But she's working on it, and we might be there sooner than we think!

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