Friday, 10 October 2014

One Weird Trick To Inspire 6 Million Girls To Play More Sport

Everyone wants to increase participation in women's sport - MORE GIRLS PLAYING MORE SPORT is the professed aim of the government and the boards of all our biggest games: the English Cricket Board, the Football Association and the Rugby Football Union.

Coaching clinics; club open days; school visits... they're all fantastic. In cricket, the ECB's Chance to Shine initiative has reached over 2 million kids over the years.

But there's a way to reach SIX million girls and 12 million children; not to mention the 60 million adults who live here too - by showing women's sport live on Free-To-Air TV.

We all know that nothing inspires kids like being able to SEE their heroes, so let's start our women's sporting revolution with the 2017 Women's Cricket World Cup!

WWC17 is going to be one of the biggest stand-alone women's sporting events ever held anywhere - a celebration of women's sport that everyone can share.

So let's get our Women's Cricket World Cup shown live on Free-To-Air TV.

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