Saturday, 11 October 2014

TV Listed Events Gender Biased

The Ofcom Code on Sports [PDF] governs a list of sporting events which have to be shown on Free-To-Air TV in the UK. The idea is to ensure that the "crown jewels" of sport remain accessible to all; but sadly this list is woefully out of kilter with the times and indisputably gender-biased.

Of the 11 A List events which have to be shown live, 5 are mixed events, 6 are men's events, and none are women's events

Despite the fact that all 6 of the men's events on the A List have a women's equivalent, the women's event is excluded - cast out, with little or no accessible coverage. For instance, this year's (Women's) Rugby World Cup Final - magnificently won by England - was not shown on Free-To-Air TV, depriving 6 million girls of the opportunity to be inspired by the likes of Emily Scarratt and Katy McLean.

The secondary B List of events for which highlights have to be shown is similarly skewed - 3 mixed events, 6 men's events, no women's events,

Any right-thinking person would have to agree that this is a disgrace; so let's get it changed by demanding that the 2017 Women's Cricket World Cup is added to the A List!

Click here to sign the petition and make a difference to women's sport!


A List - Mixed Events
  1. Wimbledon Finals
  2. The Olympics
  3. The Paralympics
  4. The Grand National 
  5. The Derby
A List - Men's Events
  1. FA Cup Final
  2. World Cup Finals
  3. UEFA Cup Finals
  4. Scottish Cup Final
  5. Rugby League Challenge Cup Final
  6. Rugby World Cup Final
A List - Women's Events
B List - Mixed Events
  1. Wimbledon (Except Finals)
  2.  Commonwealth Games
  3. World Athletics Championships
B List - Men's Events
  1. Home Cricket Tests
  2. Rugby World Cup (Except Final)
  3. Rugby 6 Nations ("Home" Nations Matches)
  4. Cricket World Cup (Semis + Final + England)
  5. The Ryder Cup
  6. The Open Golf*
B List Women's Events
* Technically mixed, but...

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