Thursday, 4 July 2013

England Taking A Long-Term Gamble on Lottie's Knees?

Charlotte Edwards has said that she expects to be around a while yet, telling the BBC:
"Who knows how long I've got left? But hopefully a few more years at least."
And on current form, with two fifties so far this week against Pakistan, who could disagree?

With the recent confirmation from the ICC that the next World Cup will be held in England in 2017, Edwards wouldn't be human if she wasn't eying-up one last swan-song - leading the team out for that dream final at Lords!

But I do wonder if this isn't an ask too far? Edwards will be 37 in 2017, and while Graham Gooch was still captaining England at the age of 93, I fear those days are long gone.

(Also bearing in mind that Gooch had the assistance of his fabulous mustache - an advantage not available to Lottie, as it mustaches have subsequently been outlawed under recent ICC playing regulations.)

My real worry though is that Edwards attempts to continue until 2017, but realizes in (say) 2016 that her already-dodgy knees can't take any more, effectively bowing-out just before the World Cup, leaving the new captain very little international playing-time to bed-in.

One of the unique things about cricket is the need to balance short and long-term strategy. In the short-term, England need Edwards; but if the priority is that next World Cup in England, then we appear to be taking one heck of a gamble on those knees.

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