Monday, 8 July 2013

The Final Lesson & The Critical Test

There is one more lesson to be taken from the England-Pakistan series; but I wanted to raise it in a separate post because it segues into The Ashes series which begins in a month.

It concerns The Ashes "points" system, which awards 2 points for each of the (six) limited-overs matches, and a whopping 6 points for the (one) Test, which kicks off the series on August 11.

And there is the problem:

If England lose the Test, it would be a disaster, because it would leave them 6-0 down, and needing to win five out of the six remaining (limited-overs) matches to win-back The Ashes.

And on current form (i.e. against Pakistan) there is no way in hell that this England team are going to win 5-of-6 games against that Australia team.

So, it is absolutely critical that England don't lose that Test. They can win it (nice... though Australia could still come back if they did!) and they can draw it; but they really, really, really can't afford to lose it!

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