Sunday, 7 July 2013

Pakistan Deserve To Be At The Top Table

I don't usually comment much on England's opponents - I'm an England fan and this is an England blog.

But... I do feel the need to say something about the Pakistan side we've seen followed on Cricinfo this week.

If there is a "top table" of women's cricket, Pakistan are comfortably the weakest side on it. Some bloggers even went so far as to refer to this series as warm-ups in all but name suggesting that anything less than an England whitewash would be a major upset! [Er - That was you wasn't it? Ed.] (Hmmm... it might have been!)

Well, this week has proved that even if Pakistan remain the weakest side at that top table, it is a top table which they fully deserve to be at! Neither of the ODIs were walk-overs and even in the first T20, where England were very comfortable winners, Pakistan weren't a total embarrassment to themselves - at least batting-out their overs. And then came the final T20! Yes, England weakened themselves by re-jigging the team and leaving-out one of their two world-class players, but that England team still contained over 700 international caps*.

So here's to Pakistan! We look forward to welcoming you again soon - if not before, then in 2017 for the World Cup.

(PS - If you haven't already, watch this video of the 2nd T20. The joy on the faces of the Pakistan team at the end is just lovely to behold - that's what cricket is all about!)

* 722, to be precise!

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