Thursday, 19 February 2015

5 Things That Need To Happen For WBBL To Be A Success

A Stand-Alone Window

WBBL needs its own spot in the calendar, which doesn't clash with anyone's international commitments. Both Charlotte Edwards and Heather Knight would have missed this year's WNCL final, had their teams qualified. This mustn't happen in WBBL - it isn't fair on the players; and it isn't fair on the fans.

The WORLD'S Best Players

WBBL needs all the top players, from all over the world - the existing MBBL limit of 2 foreign players needs to be raised to at least 3. This makes sense commercially - Indian players generating interest in India, South African ones in South Africa, etc. - and it raises the bar for women's cricket as a sporting spectacle,

Their Own Team Names

The teams can be aligned to the MBBL teams - they can share their colors and their grounds; but they need their own team names, not "The Women's Sydney Sixers" but the Sydney Seventy-Niners! (Or whatever!) This demonstrates that women's cricket is not just an adjunct to the men's game; but something to be valued in its own right.

Global Coverage & Access

WBBL needs visibility to be a success - this means ideally getting it on free-to-air TV, even if this necessitates taking a short-term revenue hit. Likely the temptation will be there to sell WBBL and MBBL as a single package... no doubt to be snapped up by Sky in the UK; but if so, WBBL risks being shunted into the backwaters. This mustn't be allowed to happen; and whoever buys the rights must at the very least be obligated to broadcast all matches.


WBBL might be an overnight sensation; but it probably won't be, and Cricket Australia must be in this for the long-haul. It might take a generation to make this a real success of this commercially; but WBBL has to keep the faith that our sport is amazing and given time it will succeed.

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  1. Agree with all these.

    Unfortunately this piece in the Guardian suggests that the women's franchises will take the names of their male counterparts:


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