Sunday, 15 February 2015

Women's International Championship Standings Clarified

The ECB's Twitter feed states that England are now "joint second" in the ICC Championship; whilst the table on CricInfo shows them in third, behind South Africa on Net Run Rate. What's the truth?

ECB Tweet
ESPN CricInfo
The answer to this question lies in the ICC's Playing Conditions - these state what happens if teams finish the championship equal on points; and the answer is... more complicated than you'd think!

In the event of a tie, it is 'Games Won' which is the first determinant of standing; and then only after that does N.R.R. come into play.

So since England and South Africa have both won 3 games, N.R.R. does come into play and England are third... right?

Well... yes... but... technically, both 'Games Won' and N.R.R. are only applied once all games have been completed; therefore as things stand right now, England and South Africa are indeed "joint second"!

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