Thursday, 19 February 2015

WBBL Hands Destiny Of Women's Cricket To Australia

The official announcement of the Women's Big Bash might well be the final nail in the coffin of the WICL; but if it is a victory for the ECB, who opposed the WICL from the start, it is a pretty pyrrhic one.

To be fair, ECB opposition to the WICL came mostly from the ECB's then-chairman, Giles Clarke. Several other voices within the ECB were far less rabidly hostile; but when Clarke put his foot down, they were left with little choice but to fall into line.

Now we have the WBBL on the horizon. It differs from the WICL in one key regard - it falls under the direct auspices of the ICC; but otherwise it is essentially the WICL in all-but-name - big, brash and ambitious, it looks set to take the world of women's cricket by storm... and it will all be controlled by Cricket Australia.

And this is why Clarke's victory is a pyrrhic one - he has prevented WICL taking-over women's cricket; only to hand its destiny instead to Cricket Australia. It's the IPL all over again... and remind me again how that one ends...???

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