Saturday, 28 February 2015

Sciver Delivers

If England's Nat Sciver is looking at her career options after cricket, she should consider pizza... because today she proved that she really can deliver!

England needed 120-odd when Sciver entered the fray in the 25th over; and with 4 wickets down, New Zealand probably felt they had England's tail in sight.

Sarah Taylor... who seems by all accounts back to her nonchalant brilliant best... took England a little closer; but when she fell, that was the key moment for Sciver. England still required over 60. Yes, there were overs in-hand, but the pressure was on - a tail-end collapse would have felt all-too-familiar to England fans; but Sciver stood up and was counted, closing-out the victory on 65 not-out, with a hat-full of overs to spare.

So Aussies beware - Nat's back on track!

Now... bring on the summer, and some games I can actually watch!!

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  1. It was a very good and very welcome performance certainly..and I would definitely buy my pizza from Sciver's pizzeria!! :)


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