Friday, 27 February 2015

Clark: 2-to-3 Overseas For WBBL

Belinda Clark, the former Australian captain, now a senior administrator at Cricket Australia, has been speaking to the BBC about the Women's Big Bash.

The main take-home is that she expects "2-to-3" overseas players in each of the eight teams - that's... *thinks*... *Googles*... 16-to-24 overseas players; and with Clark also mentioning that she expects them to come from a variety of countries, that's not many, and suggests that some of the England players who (so I'm told) are excitedly hoping to play, might be disappointed.  

Clark was also asked about broadcast rights, and reading between the lines, her answer implies that these would be new rights, not falling under existing BBL broadcast contracts. That's sort of good news, in that it raises the possibility that it could be on free-to-air TV in the UK; but I recommend not holding your breath on that one, because Clark said very clearly that they were talking to pay-TV, which would obviously be where the money to fund the competition in the short term could come from, although thinking long-term, that is a terrible strategy.

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