Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Important: Wormsley DID Respond To Inappropriate Banter Directed At Holly Ferling

I mentioned last night, in my 'Random Thoughts' from Day 3 of The Ashes Test, that some of the "banter" directed at Holly Ferling went a bit too far.

Actually... a lot too far.

I now gather that those responsible were brought to the attention of The Powers That Be at Wormsley. They were almost ejected, but pleaded for one more chance and subsequently dialed it down.

So... good for Wormsley for doing something about it at the time; and good for those responsible for (a) realizing that they needed to tone it down and (b) doing so.

(But I still very-much hope that Holly's parents were late to the ground that day - they really didn't need to hear that stuff.)

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