Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Women's Ashes Test - Day 3

Random thoughts on the third day:
  • Some of the "banter" directed at Holly Ferling by a certain section of the crowd was a bit... er... inappropriate. (And that's putting it mildly.) I dread to think what her parents (who were at the ground) made of it; but if I'd had to hear that about my daughter, I think I might have gone over and thumped someone. Yes, she is an international cricketer... but she is also seventeen guys! Seventeen.
  • Unsurprisingly, people were starting to ask 'How many points for a draw?' Now, I'm not a mathematician, so correct me if I am wrong; but I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter! In a two-team league, it could be one, two, six or sixty points for a draw - it makes no difference, because the other team would gain exactly the same amount of points, so they cancel each other out. (No?)
  • Heather Knight - above, on her way to 157 - was amazing again. She has quite literally saved England's Ashes campaign - if it weren't for her innings, we would surely be staring down the barrel of 6-0. (Because points for a win do matter!)
  • The Southern Stars were encouraging each other with shouts of "Show you're Aussie!" I was hoping this meant they were going to lose all their wickets in the final session... but sadly not!

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