Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Women's Ashes 1st T20

Random thoughts on the 1st T20 at Chelmsford:
  • What a night at Chelmsford! The (admittedly small) ground was packed and this was the best atmosphere of the series so far. (Caveat: I wasn't at Hove.)
  • The crowd was quite mixed. The guy sitting in front of me with two kids, knew who some of the players were; but the couple sitting next to me didn't... and were surprised to discover that you can get runs even if you don't hit the ball!
  • There were a couple of dropped catches, but it is worth remembering that the England girls play very little white-ball cricket and they never play under lights. (In contrast, Australian women's domestic cricket is all white-ball; and is (I believe - please correct me if I'm wrong) often played under lights.)
  • Anya Shrubsole's injury is a blow - she has been a vital part of our strategy of strangling the power-play. However, Nat Sciver isn't too bad a replacement - she certainly looked to be quite quick from where I was sitting! Honestly, however, I'm amazed that both Shrubsole and Brunt have made it this far injury-wise, so let's just be thankful for what we've had, even if Shrubsole doesn't play again later this week.
  • Danni Wyatt is what my grandmother would have called 'A One'. Brought back in place of Holly Colvin for her batting, which has been quite good in domestic cricket this year, to say she rode her luck is somewhat of an understatement. In about over 8, I was about to tweet that we had 'World Cup Waggy' back; when she pulled out a couple of fantastic shots... bisected by the most appalling slog, that only failed to be caught because it went literally straight up in the air, leaving the fielder running in from the edge of the circle too much to do.
  • Who was the captain out there? Two weeks ago, in the Test at Wormsley, Charlotte Edwards was very visibly in charge, directing the field and always taking the ball between overs. At Chelmsford, it was Sarah Taylor who was marshalling the troops, with the occasional input from Lottie, who was stood back in a very literal sense, at a more-deep-than-usual mid off. There was also just a hint that Lottie's knees are starting to suffer as the series progresses - chasing one drive towards the end, she was off the mark in almost slow-motion. (Perhaps that is why she was fielding so deep?) I know how desperately she wants to still be here for the 2017 World Cup; and she still has "it" with the bat, but... an Ashes victory isn't a bad way to go out, and a new captain needs time before that World Cup, especially given how little cricket the women play.

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