Friday, 30 August 2013

Women's Ashes 2nd T20

Random thoughts on the 2nd T20 at The Rosebowl*:
  • Dani Hazel was outstanding again - maiden overs are like gold-dust in T20, and she's now bowled two in the past two games. She's been by far the most economical bowler of the series, and a big part of why England have been winning these matches.
  • At 9/3 I was ready to get on the bus to Durham. (Only metaphorically, unfortunately!) But The Ashes have been a real team effort by England: this was Lydia Greenway's Chance To Shine, and she took it!
  • It was a real pity that The Ashes were won in a half-empty stadium. (And it was half-empty, whatever Sky's presenters might have been told to pretend.) In the cold light of day, the double-headers aren't working any more, with the real women's cricket fans priced-out of empty seats.
  • And if I felt galled... I can't imagine what it was like for the handful of journalists that have covered the series so far; but had to give up their seats in the press box to "proper cricket" correspondents, whose by-lines are now being read up and down the land in the wake of England's victory.
  • On a personal level, it was lovely for me that my 10-year-old son, who was with me at Wormsley for Day 1 of the Test, arrived back from his holiday in Spain just in time to see Lyd hit the winning runs last night!
* If anyone wants to pay me to call it something else... you know where to find me!

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