Sunday, 18 August 2013

T20 Finals - The Secret Cricket Match

The men's T20 finals took place this weekend. It was the biggest day of the domestic season, and drew more than 20,000 people to Edgbaston for a day of thrilling cricket.

The women's equivalent, for which Berkshire, Nottinghamshire, Sussex and Kent have qualified, also promises to be closely fought. Although last year's Sussex-Berkshire final was a bit one-sided; Berkshire are a stronger team this year, with Heather Knight in the form of her (young) life; and any of the four teams would be worthy winners.

However... one thing there won't be is a crowd of 20,000 people!

In fact, if there was a crowd of twenty, it would better Berkshire's biggest "gate" of the season so far. I attended all of Berkshire's home games this year, and (discounting the players' mums, dads and dogs) I reckon the largest "crowd" was about three!

But surely the T20 finals will attract a bit of a turnout, when they take place on September 7th at... er... hang on... actually, where are they taking place?

That's the problem - I know when the finals are taking place, but I don't know where! And nor does anybody else! (Including, to the best of my knowledge, the players themselves!)

It's a secret cricket match, in a secret location.


Is The Queen playing?

Are the ECB afraid someone will creep-into the clubhouse the night before and steal the trophy? (Will it eventually be found, lying under a bush, by a dog called Pickles?)

Or is this just the sad reality of following the women's game?

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